Frequently Asked Questions

PARTICIPANTS & CAMPERS: As you enter the main driveway, take an immediate left and follow the concrete driveway into our car park, situated behind the pool & office.

BUS DRIVERS: As you enter the main driveway, follow it around to the right and park in front of the main building. We only have one camp in at a time so you won’t have to share the bus’ driveway with anyone else & you wont get blocked in.

For a day out on our Activities, it’s important that you are protected and comfortable. Please makes sure you have:

  • Enclosed shoes (secure – not slip-on)
  • Shorts down to at least to mid-thigh to be comfortable in our harnesses.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • If your numbers change by one or two this is not a problem. If it’s more than that please let us know ASAP. We can work around this but it may require us to alter our staff/instructor rosters and catering orders.<br>

    We would appreciate as much notice as possible, however, we understand that things change last minute. Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do ????

    Yes. It’s great to provide lunch for your group if they’re doing more than one session on the course. We can provide a BBQ for you to use for $10 and have it out there ready for you.

    Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own, just let us know.

    We can provide tables for you. BYO food.

    We do our best to cater for all kinds of dietary needs.

    We send to you 1 month before camp an excel spread for you to fill in, final numbers dietry requirements and bedding allocation

    If you have a special dietary requirement, please make sure your camp leader is aware and they will pass on all necessary information. Alternativiely, just email in to admin@fmyc.org.au and state the camp/activity you are a part of, the dates, and let us know what your dietary requirements are. Our chefs will be happy to cook up something yummy just for you!

    Don’t worry!

    Yes, we do still operate in the rain, however, we understand that this is not always fun. Some groups come for the mud and the challenge, some are here for birthday celebrations. We will continue activies in light rain, but we don’t want you to be too uncomfortable!

    If there is a storm or high winds we will cancel and recheddule your booking at no extras cost due to safety.

    If you are worried about the weather forecast, please call our office a day or two before your activity.

    We do not promote free Wi-Fi as most camps prefer their students to not be hooked on technology during their stay.

    However, if we do have free Wi-Fi in the centre. If you would like the password, you can get it from our kitchen staff on arrival :)

    We provide dorm style, bunk accommodation. You will need to bring:

  • 1 x single fitted sheet
  • 1 x pillow & pillow case
  • 1 x sleeping bag/quilt/sheet according to preference
  • Yes, to secure your booking we require the signed booking forms to be returned along with the deposit payment.

    Deposits vary depending on what you are booking:

    Camp Booking = $500 Holding deposit, 1 month prior to camp $1,000 second deposit
    Hall Booking = $100 (this is a refundable bond)
    Activities Booking = Cost of 15 participants as a deposit

    You will be issued with an invoice for the above along with the booking forms and will usually have 2 weeks to return them both.

    After your initial enquiry we will follow up with a quote for your propsed camp or activities sessions. Once you confirm the go ahead of quote and dates we will:

  • Issue you with booking forms and deposit invoice. Terms 2 weeks. Once we recieve these back, your booking is confirmed.
  • 8 weeks out from your camp we will issue you with Final Forms. This is an excel spreadsheet with 4 tabs to provide us with Final Numbers, Room Allocations & Dietary Requirements.This needs to be returned a minimum of 3 weeks before your camp.
  • 4 weeks prior to camp we will provide a second invoice of $1000.00 payable in 7 days.
  • We will check in 1 week before you arrive to make sure everything is in order and both yourself and us have all the information we need for you to have the best camp possible.
  • During your camp, you will be issued with a final invoice with 7 days to pay.
  • We issue this during the camp to make sure final numbers are correct and you don’t end up being charged for people who didn’t come. We understand numbers can change last minute – if it’s just one or two that’s okay with us &#128578

  • Once we receive payment we will send you a reciept and a feedback form. We really appreciate it if you can take a few minutes to fill this out as it helps to continually improve our services.
  • After your initial enquiry, we will follow up with a quote for your proposed activities sessions. Once you confirm the go-ahead of quote and dates we will:

  • Issue you with booking forms and a deposit invoice to the value of fifteen participants.
  • Terms 2 weeks. Once we receive these back, your booking is confirmed.

  • Our team will put together a program specific to your group.
  • We require confirmation of final numbers 2 weeks before your session.
  • We will check in with you 1 week before your session to make sure both you and our
  • instructors have all the information required to give you the best experience possible out on our course.

  • Waivers can be signed and return before your sessions, or when you arrive. We cannot allow participants on the course who have not sighted and signed the code of conduct
    and waiver form.
  • AFTER your session/s we will issue you with a final invoice which you will have 1 week to settle. We do this after the day to make sure you’re not paying for people who can’t make it – we understand there are usually a couple of last-minute dropouts.
  • For a camp:
    Cancellation fees are as follows:

    • 4 to 6 Months prior to expected arrival date …Admin fee of $100
    • 3 to 4 Months prior to expected arrival date…Admin fee of $150
    • 2 to 3 Months prior to expected arrival date…Loss of Deposit
    • 1 to 2 Months prior to expected arrival date…20% of camp cost
    • Less than 1 Month prior to expected arrival date…50% of camp cost.

    The cancellation fee is determined by the information provided upon booking or on your application form. If we are able to fill your dates with another booking for part or all of your cancelled period, the fee will be reduced by the value of the substitute booking.

    This is no problem so long as it is within our 25-100ppl limits.

    Plese let our office know ASAP of any changes as it may alter our catering orders and staff rosters.

    If numbers change by one or two, this is usually easily catered for. If it is decreased by a significant amount, cancellation fees may apply. If it increases by a significant we need to know ASAP to be sure we can accomodate you.

    Please call our office and we will see what we can do :)

    Your group leader is responsible for first aid. We suggest you bring a first aid kit with you.

    There is a FMYC first aid kit in the kitchen area for a backup and all of our senior staff are first aid trained should they be needed.

    You will be issued a final invoice in the week following your camp or activities with us. We invoice after the event to be sure we invoice for the correct numbers and don’t charge tou for people who may drop out last minute.

    Terms 2 weeks.

    Most of our invoices have 7 days until their due date.

    There may be circumstances where this is longer or shorter due to the date of your
    booking, but as a general rule, terms are 7 days.

    We do not have EFTPOS facilities on site.
    We can take cash payments, however, it needs to be the correct change.

    The best method of payment is via Bank Transfer. All the details will be at the bottom of the invoice.

    Absolutely &#128578

    We do have a day vistitor fee of $10pp to cover facilities and teas & coffees etc.

    If you are here for a catered camp, we are happy to give you a quote for the meals which you will be here for.

    Yes, there is a bus stop just 2 minute walk from the centre & a number of train stations nearby.

    The closest being Petrie Station or Kallangur Station.

    The nearest Bus Station is North Lakes.

    s a camper, you bunker down &#128578 The centre is secure, ground use may be limited in heavy rain.

    If you are booked in for activities, we will still run in light rain. However, if there is heavy rain or high winds we will cancel activities for the day and reschedule for a more suitable time.

    Your safety is our highest concern.

    We have a designated area for anyone who wishes to smoke which is away from the main building. If this area is something you require access to, please ask our kitchen staff who are onsite most of the time, and they will point you in the right direction.

    Please note there is a zero tolerance of illegal substances & we are an alcohol free site.

    No. We are a drug & alcohol free site.

    All camps have access to the campfire. You can choose to use it any night, weather permitting.

    Please check with our manager or kitchen staff when you arrive.

    Yes, we have a laundry room downstairs that you have access to free of charge.

    We have: 1 x Washing Machine
    1 x Tumble Dryer
    1 x Iron + Ironing Board

    If you need help operating the machines, please ask a member of staff.

    Yes, we take bookings of 25 -100 persons.

    HALL: YES. We have a small kitchen in the hall available for you to make use of.

    ACTIVITIES: YES. You are able to bring packed food with you, or a BBQ. We also have a BBQ onsite which you can make use of for a gas fee of $10

    CAMP: NO. We do not have self-catering facilities available in the camp centre. However, we do have very flexible catering packages.

    As a rule, no. We will have staff in there for most of your time with us as they prep meals and clean up. You are welcome to pop in and ask for anything you may need during your stay.

    We do not have a self-catering option for camps at FMYC.

    If you have special dietary requirements and are bringing some of your own food and snacks, you are welcome to bring it to our kitchen staff who will store it accordingly & you will have access to this whenever you need.

    We provide good, home-cooked meals. Menu plans differ depending on the kind of group coming through but the attached sample menu will give you an idea of what to expect. Be assured you will be well fed here at FMYC!

    Frederick Marsden YC food menu

    CAMP: (cold) Filtered water system, hot water units upstairs and downstairs, juice (breakfast only), tea & coffee available 24/7

    ACTIVITIES: Access to water for refills.

    HALL: The hall is self-catered. There is a fridge in there where you can store any cold drinks you wish to bring. There is also a hot water unit for tea and coffee.

    *Please note we are an alcohol-free site.

    No. If we can fit you in, we will do our best to accomodate you!
    We do have a minimum requirement of 25 persons per night & a maximum of 100.
    Absolutely. Whether you’re in the Hall or in the centre, you are welcome to put up decorations for your celebrations.

    All we ask is that you put everything back how you found it ????

    Our meeting room downstairs in the centre is equipped with a fridge, freezer, hot water system for tea & coffee, filtered cold water, projector, screen, TV, DVD, sound system, piano, chairs & sofas.

    This meeting room fits about 40 people. It is adjoined to another recreation room which is a larger space with tables, chairs & sofas. This fits roughly 50-60 people depending on your set up.

    Our centre is bunk style accommodation with 100 beds + a separate bus drivers accommodation with 2 single bedrooms and a private bathroom.

    Attached is a mud map of the grounds and also the layout of the centre. The numbers in brackets indicate how many beds per room. An odd number is indicative of that room containing a single bed as well as the bunks.

    Many groups choose to have females upstairs & males downstairs. Or splitting left wing & right wing for smaller groups. Along with the large shower/toilet rooms, we have 2 individual toilets with their own showers. Oftentimes, this is reserved by groups for the leaders/teachers.

    We have no “Lights Out” rules, that is at the discretion of your camp leader.

    We are happy for you to have late-night campfire sessions or meetings downstairs etc, that’s no problem. Our manager lives on-site so we just ask that you make an effort to keep it down after 10 pm

    Meal time duties are pretty simple and if you have a few people to help out it only takes a couple of minutes at the end of each sitting.

    Our staff will take care of all the dishes, all we ask is that people put their plates on the scraps trolly. Tables are to be wiped down, and a quick sweep of the floor if needed.

    You can opt out of doing mealtime duties and our staff will take care of it for $30 per meal.

    At the end of camp, we require beds to be put back how you found them (matresses up), bins in rooms to be empties, floors to be swept and the dining hall to be left tidy. We will give you a run down at the end of camp on what’s expected. If everyone does their little bit, it really doesn’t take long :)

    You can opt out of doing departure duties and our staff will take care of it for $200 per group.

    Yes, you can order a linen &/or towels package through us. Please notify us on your booking forms if you wish to utilise this option.

    1 x Linen Hire = $22pp
    Includes: 1 fitted sheet, 1 single sheet, 1 pillow, 1 pillow case, 1 blanket.

    1 x Towel Hire = $12pp
    Includes laundry every second day.

    COMBO: Linen & Towel hire together = $30pp

    Our staff will take care of all of that for you :)

    All we ask of you is that you clear the plates form the tables at the end of each mealtime.

    If we have plenty of notice, this is no problem at all. However, we roster our instructors according to the size of your group.

    We require confirmation of final numbers 1 week prior to your activity. If this increases by one or two, that’s fine. Any more than that, we may still be able to accommodate you but we will need to put on another instructor so please call our office ASAP so we can organise this for you. This does not alter your per-person quote.

    If your numbers decrease within a week of the date of your activity, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $5 per person. With enough notice, there is no cancellation fee. It all depends on if we need to alter our staff for new numbers.

    Just give our office a call and we will see what we can do &#128578